How Do yoU Do-做你自己的How 咖啡

How Do yoU Do
¢How do you do,原先是代表初次見面的您好嗎?問候語
¢將此句延伸,中間加個豆號àHow Do,yoU Do

How Do yoU Do


¢How do you dothe original meaning is say hello in the first meet!

¢extend this sentence and use comma mark in the middleàHow DoyoU Do

   àIt means that how to do, you do!àif you not know how to do, UD tell you!

¢That means enjoy a cup of coffee is a very wonderful thing, and this thing not need to ask someone, you can do it by yourself!!!

¢If you do not know how to do can be easy and comfortable, UD will tell you, and be your coffee pilot!